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I have always maintained the idea that any form of progress, be it personal or collective human, hinges on the sharing of knowledge and ideas. With this in mind, I continually search for and develop new ways to share my insights into music with younger generations so as to continue to further the growth and development of our culture.


Below are a list of  lectures, masterclasses, and clinics available for educational institutions for anywhere from one-day to week-long residencies.  


Melodic Explorations

College/High School


Melodic Explorations is a program designed to aid the vocalist and instrumentalist in interpreting the melodies of songs to maximize the performer's own ability of expression by tapping into his or her  unique artistic sensibilities.

Blues Ubiquity



The blues is the foundation for all forms of American music past and present. This is a lecture and masterclass that explores the cultural roots of the blues, its presence in popular music past and present, and how this knowledge can be used to inform our musical performance choices.

Songwriting Workshop

College/High School


Music and songwriting can be a deeply personal endeavor that we use to bring to life and share our personal experiences and life perspectives with others This workshop is exploration of different ways to bring our unique life experience to the world through song.

Music is Life

High School; age 13-17


Designed with non-music students in mind; this is a performance/lecture series that broadens students' perspective on the ways that the principles of music can be applied to positively impact everyday life circumstances.

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