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Daily Stream of Consciousness I

An unfiltered, unedited, exercise in exploration:

So sweet are the words that drift from your lips to softly caress my ears. They give me comfort, they massage tension from my thoughts and allow me to relax into the possibilities of tomorrow. I am filled with gratitude at each sunrise, knowing that the light that shines will be accompanied by your faithfulness. Warming the coldest reaches of my heart and soul, unfreezing the parts that I had locked away hidden from the world. This is what joy is made of. This is how we will surely propagate ourselves and make sure that the lives lived before us were not in vain. That everything that has happened and will happen is with purpose. We cannot know the purpose at all times, but our faith will guide us. We will be vindicated and justified in the eyes of our ancestors, our children, and our God. Hold fast to these moments and when it is time to send them away. Open your palm and release them gently with a whisper, "your work is done."

#poetry #writing #streamofconsciousness

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