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Stream of Consciousness II

Perpetual conflicts, it seems we always end up here. Tones produced that betray our inner most feelings as frustration boils over sizzling the hot eye on the stove of our emotions. But unfortunately there is no potion to be consumed to throw in reverse the things that we say and do, and yes its true life and death reside in the tongue, but the eyes are either too blind or preoccupied to watch what we say. But hey, this is the road we walk that we should pretty much be sued to by now. Yet somehow we trip and stumble over the same bump every time, knowing full well that we are traveling in circles all we really have to do is veer off and take that exit. Is that so terrifying? Not knowing what may lay beyond that other horizon? Too scared of the discomfort we are sure to find ourselves in if we travel unknown roads that lead to strange places and unfamiliar territories. Hell, that’s life though, but damn it don’t get no easier no matter how many times we think the same thoughts and envision the same possibilities, make the same mental calculations of what we would and should do if we had the guts to follow through.


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