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The Necessity of [Self-]Promotion

The independent creative is not only faced with the task of producing work, but also the often much more difficult and undefined task of presenting that work to the public in a way that will encourage consumption and support. This aspect of promotion can be much more difficult for some than for others. Some people have no qualms about putting themselves and their work on display and pulling out all the stops to get people to notice it. For others this comes with a little more difficulty. Maybe it’s a problem of confidence, or maybe it’s just a matter of personality. Some people may feel that it is a bit egotistical, aggressive, and even disingenuous to constantly put yourself out there in that way.

This is something that we must strive to overcome. Not only out of necessity (if you’re not willing to promote yourself then who will?), but also because not doing so can be considered selfish and an act of depriving someone in the world of something that may be needed. When we look at it from this angle, the act of not sharing to the best of your ability may actually be considered the greater act of egoism.

When you recognize that the source of your art is not solely your own doing, but is passed down to you from those who have walked treacherous miles to place you where you are; and is passed through you from the one source of all things; when your art is a reflection of higher ideals in which you sincerely believe and of which you are a messenger, then promoting your work is not a mere act of egoism or search for self glorification, but rather a responsibility and a clarion call to give to others what has been given to you. Take up this call willingly, fully, without hesitation, and without shame.

If you believed in it enough to create it, then believe in it enough to share it.

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